Let our home of surfing, be your home of surfing.


Nestled just 30 kilometers north of Biarritz on the South West coast of France, Les Grandes Vagues has been our home of surfing for the past decade and we're excited to be able to share it with you. Owned and run by Sam Elliott, a passionate former hotelier who possesses an uncanny knack of finding holiday destinations that always leave you wanting to come back for more. With her four sons, husband Martin and shaggy dog Tigger, Sam and her family have put together a flat filled with character and kitted out for all ages. 

Everyone should get the chance to experience this amazing surf mecca and we'd love you to do it with us at Les Grandes Vagues. 



Sam has over 30 years of experience in hospitality which includes running the Grapevine hotel in the Cotswolds UK, receiving 'Hotel of the Year' in 1999 and being awarded an OBE for her services in the hospitality industry.   Now Sam has refocused her passion and expertise to providing an unforgettable experience at Les Grandes Vagues.

Fluent in French and passionate about the lifestyle, Sam has spent almost every summer of her life visiting France with her family. 10 years ago she was introduced to Hossegor and immediately fell in love with its rugged charm and unbeatable waves. Sam was lucky enough to happen upon Les Grandes Vagues and the rest is history.

Sam loves nothing more than bellowing 'La Marseillaise' across the Place during the 6 Nations, to the great irritation of her entire family of rugby-playing English sons!

A little bit of history on Hossegor

Rabbles of the worlds best and most hardcore surfers have been visiting Hossegor for centuries to enjoy some of the best waves in Europe, heck in the world! But we wanted to find out who was responsible, really responsible, for creating this epic break we all know and love. 

So here we go. Many melenia ago (bare with us...) the river Ardour ran into the Bay of Biscay via Capbreton, until it was eventually diverted to Byonne in 1310. A serious debt of gratitude is owed to Ardour as prior to its diversion it aggressively pummeled the Hossegor cost, carving out an monstrously deep off shore canyon. It is this very canyon that creates Hossegors unique barreling beach break. But second to Ardour and perhaps even more responsible for Hossegor's historic surf is none other than, wait for it, Napoleon himself. Our much beloved surfing mecca was in fact a swamp until Napoleon happened upon it in the late 18th century. Deciding this simply wouldn't do he planted mile upon mile of pine trees, soaking up the swamp and creating a grounding for the sand. So thanks Napeleon, we hadn't realized there was a secret surfer inside you all along. If you're interested to read more check out this great article I found on Surf Watch Chasing the dream - Hosseogr

Oh and we found these awesome photos on the website. No real idea when exactly they were take but were guessing the 1920's!