Fantastic bars on your doorstep! 


On its own, the Place de Landais has over 15 bars, with many more just a short walk in to the centre of town. Below, we have put together a list of the top 10 to 20 bars in Hossegor. Whether your looking for musical entertainment, a quiet drink or late night dancing, Hossegor has it all. No matter your tipple, there is a bar to suit your needs. 

Dicks Sand Bar

Yes, you thought right.  This is the very same Dick that founded Dick Tea Bar, Val d'Isere. But, forget the old and bring on the new!  You'll have a hard time having a dull night here. The staff are hilarious, as are those that frequent this tiny little nook of endless fun. 

Distance: 20 second walk


Chilled out surf bar by day, pumping dance venue by night. This bar is littered with great surf memorabilia.  Roland the eccentric owner (that's him with the crazy tattoo on his back) has met every big name in the business. If your peckish, Rock Food also serves a fantastic burger. 

Distance: 15 second walk

La central hossegor.jpg

la Centrale

The newest edition to Le Place and immediately making an impact, is La Centrale. Setup up by Dave Potter part owner of Dick's Sand Bar, there's no questioning that these guys know the perfect recipe for a good time. If your looking for great live music then this is definitely the place for you. 

Distance: 5 second walk, out the door and turn left. You're there. 

Villa Loca

Facing the ocean with great outdoor seating, Villa Loca offers a tapas style menu with a lovely selection of wine and cocktails. In the evening, as the atmosphere begins to hot up, this is a great spot for a cocktail paired with some old school music. 

Distance: A short abseil (that's our balcony just above!)

Kalimutxo Bar

Hands down the best beer selection in Hossegor. This little hidden away gem is not one you want to miss. We love it.

Distance: 20 second walk


As all the other bars begin to close their doors you can guarantee the line outside Bakoua will be rapidly increasing. This underground discotheque is your stop for late night dancing. 

Distance: 10 second walk

Le Blue Café

The Blue Café has great toasties and paninis by day and quite often a DJ by night. A solid spot for a late night snack. 

Distance: 45 second walk