Hossegor - The Surfing capital of Europe


Plying host to the Quicksilver and Ripcurl pro tours, Hossegor is Europe's most sought after surf destination. Les Grandes Vagues puts you right in the middle of the action.

World's 50 best surf spots / CNN

7. Hossegor, France

Located on the Atlantic, this expert surfing spot has been dubbed the "surfing capital of Europe," so naturally the rich and the famous have mansions and holiday homes near the beach (previous owners include the likes of singer-songwriter Jack Johnson).

People come from miles around to watch the pros ride tubes, and heavy walls break on the unnervingly shallow sandbank. Tubes here rival Hawaii, but come minus the coral.

Getting there: Fly into Biarritz Airport and grab a taxi for approximately US$90 or hire a car for US$35 a day and follow the E70 and A63 up to Hossegor.

Quicksilver Pro. Tour 2014

Chasing the Dream - Hossegor 

"A youthful shaper with stars in his eyes, Stephen Bell arrived there in 1986 on a working holiday from Torquay… and finds himself still in Hossegor today. “A 21-year-old surfboard shaper from Victoria coming to live in France with beautiful nude women all over the beach and miles of empty barrels, you could say it was a massive cultural shock, yes. Especially coming from Victoria where there aren’t many stand-up beachbreak tubes, where you can’t surf in boardshorts, and there are reasonably fewer nude women on the beach. Well none, actually."

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Kelly Slater Wins Quicksilver Pro. Hossegor 2012

A short walk up the beach you'l find Seignosse and front row seats to the Quicksilver Pro. Tour. Hosted annually every September in Hossegor and Seignosse.

Best of 2012 - Surf Hossegor

Hossegor Air Show 2012